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Annual Report 2022

School Association Helvetia of Antioquia
Download now the 2022 Report of the Helvetia School Association of Antioquia and learn about our achievements and progress over the past year!

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Discover a world of knowledge and learning in our series of articles of interest to the Colegio Suizo Medellín! On this educational platform, we invite you to explore a wide variety of fascinating topics ranging from scientific breakthroughs to cultural trends and global perspectives. Our goal is to provide you with relevant and enriching content that inspires curiosity and promotes critical thinking.
Swiss presence Medellin

100 years of Swiss presence in Antioquia

Although there is currently no complete historical balance that brings together in a single document or editorial project the study of the Swiss presence in Antioquia and, particularly, in Medellín, the Círculo Helvético de Medellín has set out to fill this gap step by step with the help of the historian Leifer Hoyos Madrid.

colegio helvetia bogota

70 years of history of Colegio Helvetia de Bogota