Board of Directors

We are pleased to formally introduce the Board of Directors of the Helvetia School Association of Antioquia, which is in charge of leading the realisation of the project to establish a Swiss school in the city of Medellín.


The Board of Directors of the Swiss School in Medellín was elected by the assembly of the Swiss community in Antioquia, reflecting the commitment and active participation of the community in the creation of this educational institution.
The board of the Swiss school in Medellín is composed of seven members, three of whom are appointed by the board in Bogotá, bringing their experience from Colegio Helvetia in Bogotà, and the other four are elected by the assembly in Antioquia. All decisions are taken democratically and endorsed by the board, based on the will of the majority.
Board of Directors Swiss School Medellin
The Board of Directors is composed of seven Swiss citizens, all of whom have the same electoral and voting rights (as the Swiss Federal Council):
In March 2023, the assembly meeting was held, during which the board of directors presented the achievements, progress and financial statements of the Helvetia School Association of Antioquia, highlighting the commitment to transparency and accountability to the community.
Presentation of the report of the board of directors of the swiss school medellin

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100 years of Swiss presence in Antioquia

Although there is currently no complete historical balance that brings together in a single document or editorial project the study of the Swiss presence in Antioquia and, particularly, in Medellín, the Círculo Helvético de Medellín has set out to fill this gap step by step with the help of the historian Leifer Hoyos Madrid.