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About the College

A school of excellence: quality, culture and humanity in Medellín

The school offers a bilingual education in the Matura Switzerland and Colombian Baccalaureate pathways, with the possibility of studying in French or German in addition to the English and Spanish taught in both pathways. Students can opt for the Matura Switzerland, an internationally recognised programme that prepares students for university education in Switzerland and other countries, or the Bachiller Colombiano, which focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to enter university in Colombia.

With this variety of options, students have the opportunity to personalise their education and choose the path that best suits their goals and needs. In addition, teaching in multiple languages prepares students to meet the challenges of today's globalised world.


Project roadmap

We are delighted to share with you the exciting plan to create a Swiss school in the beautiful city of Medellín! Inspired by Switzerland's renowned educational excellence, this project aims to provide local students with a unique and enriching educational experience.
Our focus is on building modern and functional facilities that provide an environment conducive to learning and creativity. In addition, we are committed to recruiting and training a highly qualified teaching team, who will share their experience and expertise with students.


Lot Negotiation

After an exhaustive analysis of various options, they are currently in negotiations for the acquisition of a plot of land that will allow the creation of the school.


Creation of the association

The assembly of Swiss residents in Medellín has been constituted and has elected the founding board of the Helvetia School Association of Antioquia.


Dissemination of the project

In April 2022, the board of directors in Bogotá, in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy, enthusiastically presented the project of the Swiss School in Medellín.


Preliminary Studies

The preliminary studies for the creation of the Swiss School in Medellín highlight the growing demand for international schools and the challenges faced by families seeking places in them.

With the support and experience of the Helvetia school in Bogota

I am full of confidence and conviction that we on the Board of Directors are a well rehearsed, harmonious and efficient team, whose experience and knowledge gained so far will be profitably contributed by each of us to this exciting school project, so that the inauguration of the school can take place by the end of August 2024.
Markus Hürlimann
Chairman of the Board
As a member of the Swiss community in Medellin, I am excited about the creation of the Swiss school. It will be a great opportunity for Swiss, Colombian and other children to receive a high quality education with a focus on Swiss values such as excellence, respect and responsibility. Furthermore, I believe that this initiative will also boost the development of Medellin and the region by attracting more families and businesses interested in being part of this vibrant educational community. Without a doubt, the Swiss school in Medellín will be a great contribution to the education and growth of our city.


Help transform lives through education! Your donation can make possible the creation of the first Swiss school in Medellín, providing quality education and opportunities for the students' future.

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